Stone & Building Restoration

DG Building Restoration has over 20 years experience in Stone & Building Restoration with expertise in restoring period properties reviving the original character and charm. Using age old techniques to make newer buildings blend with character homes we can mix old with new.

Our services include:

Stone & Stucco Repairs
Brick Repairs & replacements

We have skilled restorers who can carry out small stone repairs to reforming whole cornices and building facades. You may have small blown sections of stonework that can be cut back and repaired to match existing; perhaps the masonry damage is structural and requires reforming. Either way by working with you we an find the best solution for your property.

If your property has become deteriorated our experienced team of craftsmen can restore or replace your brickwork to return it to its original condition. We can also repoint any brickwork with many different styles of brick pointing. By using cement and lime based products we can provide weather resistant solutions to your property along with enhancing the overall look.

Should you require or your taste prefers we can remove pebble dash and replace with smooth render. Cracks and blown render can be repaired and new builds can be rendered.

Our skilled tradesmen will partner with you to provide guidance and the best results for your property needs. Please contact us for further information or with any questions you may have on our services.